Hello! Kathryn here. I go to a Performing Arts School.

I am Morgan's turd.

I'm obsessed with history, Disneyland, and everything in between. I play Dungeons and Dragons. I volunteer at two museums.

My blog has slowly become somewhat of a personal diary/photo diary. I post a lot of personal posts as well as pretty much a selfie a day.

I'm an INTJ and it's incredibly accurate.

  • hollyhocksandtulips:

    Couple walking along the East River with the New York city skyline in background.

    Photo by Inge Morath, 1960

    (Source: Flickr / skorver1)

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  • hollyhocksandtulips:

    "Makes you feel like new….and busty!"

    Royal Crown Cola, 1953

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  • so many ideas for Senior Portraits such little time.

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  • toxicwinner:

    the smarter u are the more men arent funny 

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  • dolewhipofdisney:


    The Custodians have such an important role at the park and they’re often overlooked. I really appreciate all that they go through to make the park as magical as possible. Thank you for everything. 

    please be nice to Disney custodians! They work so hard and like every other cast member, they’re always nice and smiley!

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  • clater:

    u know when there’s just something ridiculously attractive about someone and you dont know why but i s2g im like a magnet to this mans looks

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  • I love Mr. Cash so much. He’s so nice. Mrs. Cash told him what’s been going on.

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  • You reek of cigarette smoke and are being really shady and creepy.

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    Waking up in a Volvo in Eastern Oregon

    mostly nature



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  • bottuhm:


    remember in 2012 when that lady tried restoring that painting of jesus


    ive never seen someone fuck up so terribly

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  • wagnetic:


    Penis and XY required to be man? False.

    Only things required to be a man are:image


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